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  • Is the Stuff'nIt bag TSA approved?
    Of course! In fact, our Stuff'nIt bag is perfect for those frequent flyers and those last minute trips. This is the one bag that holds everything you need and won't get lost since it stays with (on) you! Your Stuff'nIt will go through TSA along with your other personal belongings so make sure it's available and complies with other restrictions, such as liquids inside, etc.
  • So whats the deal with exlusive bag types.
    COMING SOON --- Twice a year Stuff'nIt will releases a limited number of our exclusive bags, these are a first come first serve. Once we are sold out, they are gone forever! So sign up and be the first to know when our limited batch gets released. Make sure to sign up to stay in touch! NOTE: due to supply-chain issues our limited editions will be delayed but will be coming!
  • Is the Stuffin' IT bag easy to use? It looks heavy.
    As easy as 1.2.3. Our Stuff'nIt bag is incredibly light weight and very simple to use and operate. The bag itself will only ever be as heavy as the clothes you are packing. You will love this bag! The bag is designed to disperse weight and can be worn cross-body while you're running through an airport you'll be so glad you don't have to carry or roll a suitcase!
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