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You Put Your Stuff In It

the last & only travel bag you'll ever need

Not All That Wandar Are Lost...

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Our Story

Stuff'nIt was the brainchild of a new flight attendant that wanted to bring back extra t-shirts from a trip to St Louis but didn't have room in her tiny 'flight attendant approved' suitcase! She made a makeshift 'neck pillow' from a pillowcase she traveled with and rolled the t-shirts up and formed a neck pillow with the shirts inside. No problem since the airlines allow NECK PILLOWS. Years later the idea popped back in her mind and she found an Austin, Tx seamstress that took a rough drawing and her 'pillowcase' proto-type and made the first of many versions. It was used & tested as a 'non-paid' neck pillow on domestic and international flights going throwithout issue



Mountain Cliff Hiker

A new state of the art, simple to use, affordable travel bag that converts to your travel pillow. Easy to use, secure, and TSA approved. The right bag for every trip. 


Use it on a plane, on a train, in a car, on a boat, wandering the land, seeing a band. Use it here or there. Use it everywhere!

IT is the last bag you didn't know you were missing...


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